Football is a community. A community that is part of the history of the working class. A community that extends beyond our workplace. And a community that affirms, creates and strengthens itself in the stands all over the world.

But football, like everything else, is being conquered by the logic of capitalism. Matches are being movedaround due to TV and seats replace the stands. Fans are suspected of being criminals just by being fans through inspections and video surveillance. And basic human rights is set aside, when letting Qatar host the World Cup. Just a few grim examples of actions and changes that are supposed to make football more and more commercial, make us football consumers instead of fans and kill the political battle on the stands.

And now, a small elite of rich investors and wealthy clubs have released their idea of ​​a Super League, for a chosen few. But football was not created by sponsors and moneyman. Football was created by and for the working class.

To be a St. Pauli fan is to go against this logic. And that is why we are anti-capitalists. We believe in action rather than words. That is why we stand up for struggles, we insist on being politicial and on fight for football to retain its roots. We don’t just want to be a small surviving counterculture. Our culture must be the culture of football.

No to the Super League! Against modern football! Football for the fans!