We asked our football expert and Doctor in Contemporary History from the University of Barcelona, Carles Viñas, to send us a list of good football books to ask for or give as presents at this time of year.

So here it is! These are his recommendations, in various languages and about different topics all related to football. We’ve tried to put the direct link to the publisher for more information or to buy the book so you don’t have to buy it from Amazon or similar online shops that destroy local businesses, encourage exploitation and ban trade unions. Oh and all the books are newly published this year 2020:

In Catalan

Una història popular del futbol. Mickael Correia, (2020).


In English


Celtic. The Early years 1887-1892 Brendan Sweeney, (2020).


Futbolera: A History of Women and Sports in Latin America. Brenda Elsey i Joshua Nadel, (2020).



In Spanish


Rivalidades crónicas. 10 ciudades europeas a través de sus derbis. Jordi Brescó i Pau Riera, (2020). (In this book they mention the Hamburg derby).



In Italian


Con il pallone tra i piedi e la musica a cannone. Nicolò Rondinelli i Andrea Vecchio, (2020).


Contro il calcio moderno. Pierluigi Spagnolo, (2020).



And here are two books which we’ll add ourselves, because we know Carles wouldn’t add them himself :



And there you have it! You have to agree that these books all look great! Many thanks Carles for the list. They’ll go straight on our wish list to Santa Claus (or Santa Pauli!) .