The FC ST. PAULI FANCLUB CATALUNYA, we are a very musical fan club. And we are not, just because within our fan club there are many members of various bands, but because we are crazy about it and live football in a very famous way. Maybe so much, that we can even get noticed!

So it’s no surprise that we have our own anthem, recorded for the occasion with Skatalà musicians, Dr. Calypso and The Phoenicians, along with other partners; that we are incapable and incapable of not singing a football song or a song when they take a picture of us; that we make music sound in all our activities; or even that we have an official band of the fanclub: the Jolly Roger Band Fanclub Catalunya.

Following these bars, in this section of our website you can find information about our most musical side while we will leave some recommendations, curiosities and musical piece related to football, Sankt Pauli or some of its characteristic features, which they are ours too!