“Sankt Pauli, another football is possible” in English too! Yes, the great book that our friends Natxo Parra and Carles Viñas published, about three years ago with the publishing house Tigre de Paper, has been translated into English too, with a great work by the translator Luke Stobart.

After its success in Catalan and Spanish (already the third year in each of the two languages) it was inevitable that it would end up being published in English too! And even more so if we consider that Sankt Pauli is a club with many fans around the world!


Sant Pauli

Aquí la portada del llibre publicada per Pluto Press.


This book is already resonating outside the Catalan Countries. Several fan clubs are promoting it through their networks and the first interviews have already arrived. Like the one made by Huck magazine in London. In this article, they explain again that:

“Our idea was to use the history of the club as a guiding thread to tell a story: the history of the neighborhood, the history of Hamburg, the history of Germany, the history of the Bundesliga … in other words, to use football as an excuse to explain something else ”

One moment, we’ve never talked about the book on this page ?! We’ll have to fix that! In the meantime, we recommend the following:

Buy the book as a gift (even if it’s for yourself)

In conclusion, whether or not it’s been mentioned on this website (yes, we promise we will) now for these holidays, if you do not know what to give as a present or give yourself, you can buy this indispensable book! The book to get to know, in more depth, the great FC Sankt Pauli. You can buy it in the language you want (Catalan, Spanish and English). And if you bought the Catalan or Spanish edition already, you can always buy it in English to practice a bit.